Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Simple Joy of Snow

Snow came to the Antelope Valley Today, I woke up around 7am and saw it falling outside my bedroom window. I tweeted about it ad fell back to sleep. By the time I awoke again (around 10am) the snow was gone. I thought that was the only brief visit snow would pay us. However as I stopped with a friend for some gas and food in Acton snow and I crossed paths again.

After epxloring the campus at College of the Canyons, filming some footage for later inspiration, and hashing out a storyline over burgers in Santa Clarita my friend and I headed back to Palmdale, where mother nature had laid down a gorgeous white blanket.

1/2 hour or so later I set my hands to work, rolling, rolling, rolling snow into the first snow-man I've built in years. Of course this is still Southern California so I really only had enough snow to make a snow midget.

When snow comes this rarely it really is a treat, a delicase you could say. It is the simple joy of snow.


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