Friday, February 18, 2011

Art on the Move

With the advent of a new BLVD, and the construction of a new Museum and Art Gallery, art is on the move in ways like never before. The Lancaster Museum and Art Gallery hosts an annual juried exhibition to showcase the art of Antelope Valley artists. This year the LMAG was faced with a unique challenge and opportunity. The Museum itself is on the move from it current location to one directly on the BLVD, and as it transitions gallery space has become limited. Rather than scale down the size and scope of this years exhibition curator Nick West made it even bigger. The LMAG's 26th Annual Juried Exhibition entitled "Look Here" moves the Art out of the museum and to the public on Lancaster BLVD. Art is proudly on display along the BLVD in eleven local businesses creating a sort of art walk. Maps are available in all participating business as well as at the LMAG. The art has moved and is now moving people in more ways than one. As people explore on search of art they are also exposed to the BLVD as a whole and have an opportunity to meet the unique people who conduct business on the BLVD. One of the most interesting art movements you'll find on the BLVD is a fresh new way to experience art thanks to a little thing called a  QR code. Some of the works on display at the BLVD Today Cafe have a small square mosaic next to them which can move the art on the wall right into your smartphone. By simply downloading a free app and scanning the QR code next to the art work, the viewer is able to watch a video interview with the artist. All of these exciting developments can only bring us closer as we explore, discover and interact with art and each other, so catch "Look Here" on the BLVD while its still here.

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