Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Art, emotion, Music, poetry, truth

Oh Art, Music, Poetry

You are our expression of past injustice, present struggle, and future hope
Oh Art
You are Truth beyond Facts

Oh Music

You are Emotion beyond Words

Oh Poetry

You are Observation beyond Science

Oh Art, Music, Poetry

You are the definition of our souls, the spark of the divine, and exhalation of our creative mind.


often, we find ourselves facing depravity

teetering on the brink of zealous faith

yet peering into the depths of doubt

we long to touch the flame

even if its beauty burns us

temptation stalks us

ready to manifest its ugliness

and ruin us in many forms

pride's allure must be folly

for we are human

and alone nothing more

yet divinity finds value in our vessels

and fills our days with grace