Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Quest for various things in my life... Ch. 5

It's been awhile, quite possibly too long since I've last posted something here. Business. Christmas and my Birthday have happened (I'm 20 now) and I have been quite spoiled with lavish gifts. I also had an awesome ninja Birthday Party. I really can't recap everything that's happened since my last post, so I'll simply sum up what I'm doing now:
1. Searching for a job
Went hunting at the mall today, it's bleak. I'm also continually pursuing a position at a local coffee shop called "It's a Grind" about one mile from my house. I'll have the joy of online application tomorrow!
2. Producing a tv show. Wrote a pilot episode found myself a casting director, and a cameraman/editor, now I'm just working on filling all the roles with actors and securing locations for filming. P.S. if you act, email to get a copy of the pilot episode/sign up for an audition. (I'll put more about this project in the monthly newsletter)
3. Writing the monthly newsletter.
4. Applying for USC. Currently working on that whole essay thing.
5. Finishing up Ghetto Movie. Almost there. About to start looking for a venue to premiere it.
6. Volunteering with a political organization called Year of Youth 2012
7. Soon to begin the busiest semester of school ever, 7 classes : )
8. Working out. pumping the iron, started today. sore.
9. Reading the whole bible in a year, need to catch up a couple of days.
10. Writing the blog.

As usual, wish me luck : )