Monday, November 23, 2009

THe Quest for various things in my life... Ch. 4

It's been awhile since I blogged. I've been quite busy. Finished up my Environmental Impact Journal, which included my valiant bicycling efforts. Also I've made another trip down to Universal Studios (making the most of my annual pass). Also Thomas and I have been hard at work for a Top Secret video for our Mass Communications class as well as continuing work on Ghetto Movie, and Elmo Vs. Death 2. In addition to working on video related efforts, I have been exploring possibilities on the college front. Recently, I took a trip down to CSUN with AVC's transfer center and was able to get some good information about transferring, as well as being able to take a tour of the Cinema and Television Production facilities, which was a great little film-maker geek out moment for me. Then yesterday, I went down to USC and had some even greater film-maker geek out moments as I attended 2 informative sessions for USC's School of Cinematic Arts as well as taking a tour of the new facilities (the $175 million dollar facilities donated by George Lucas). CSUN looks a great school, at an affordable price, while USC looks like a fantastic dream-school, at a not so affordable price. So I am applying to both and USC #1 choice and CSUN #2 choice , if I get into USC then where there's a will there's a way will be my motto for finding the means to pay for it. As always... wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Quest for various things in my life... Ch. 3

This weeks has been good exercise! I began parking my car at the college and riding my bike everywhere i need to in town. So far I have ridden: 34.7 miles. Tomorrow I am going to ride from home to my Dean's house to the college and then hitch a ride home with Thomas. Should be a fun day. Yesterday I stopped and took a few pictures as the sun was setting, I'll post the best of at he bottom of this blog. And today I dropped off applications at Red Robin and Applebees as well as checked up on my Old Navy, Oak West and Bath & Body works apps AND picked up apps for Aeropostale and Wet Seal. In other words, I've been busy busy busy all day everyday. My girlfriend has a Cross-Country trip tonight and tomorrow so I shall be homesick as the possessor of my heart travels up to Mammoth, but as always absence makes the heart grow fonder. Saturday (i apologize for the highly un-chronilogical order of this blog) I had to work, but got back in time for most of the church's Open House/ Fall Festival, muchos fun! This Sunday Wayside Chapel had their dedication service, very touching to see how our dream has been completed and awesome to be able to serve a meal in the fellowship room of the building. Also Gloria (the partially spanish choir song) went very well, speaking of choir its time to wrap this up and head off to practice. As always wish me luck!

Monday, November 2, 2009

This is what blogs were made for right?

I know youtube was made by people that wanted to share videos of their cats, so i can only assume that blog were made for people to share pictures of their dogs in christmas sweaters, so I present to you the magnificent mercury!