Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Refer a Business: Get Cash!

Introducing The Business Referral Promotion!

Refer a business and get $25! How does it work? 

Step 1: Tell a business owner about DragonCow Productions

Step 2: Give the business owner your name and phone number to give to us

Step 3: If that business owner hires us for a commercial we’ll give you $25

You can send them to our site:
or have them give us a call (661) 317-7803 or email: 

Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2010 - Issue #5 DRAGONCOW

Official Newsletter
A semi-monthly update from your favorite Independent Film Production Company

DragonCow By the Numbers:
Website Views: 4288 Fans on Facebook:275 Views on Youtube:59,674 Views on Yahoo:76,976 Views on Myspace: 11,565

Last month you heard that we were commis- sioned to create a 30 second ad for AV Florist, great news right? Well it gets even better. We delivered our commercial and AV Florist owner Chris Spicher was ab- solutely thrilled, but he wasn’t the only one! We showed the video to Rosemary the owner of Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe in Palmdale and Lancaster and she realized that she needed one too! So we made our sec- ond commercial and it turned out abso- lutely fantastic. With two successful commercials under our belt and a third one on the way you can bet that Dragon- Cow is here to stay. In fact it’s our goal to have 20 commercials produced by the end of the year. Help us make that a reality and pass our info on to any businesses you know!
- Ben Andrews (661) 317-7803

 Ben Andrews and Camille’s owner Rosemary.

Ben Andrews and AV Florist owner Chris Spicher.

Rebel Filmmakers Update:
Jim Greenleaf will now be playing the role of Mayor T. Rex Harris and helping out as a Producer for the show! Jim Greenleaf is the CEO of and has some really great experience and connections with the entertainment business. To find out more about what Jim does, check out
To see the new commercials that DragonCow Productions has produced simply visit:

Thank you for reading!

 Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Download the full color PDF of the newsletter here: